It is the door for people to wear crypto world. For we bring together the best of two worlds.

On the one hand, cryptocurrencies and on the other hand, art.

In order to have as a result 100% unique garments, with high quality standards.

Lau Quijano is the Crypto-Artist Colombian woman who gives life to our customized products.

Helping enthusiasts around the world crypto to show off garments and accessories with which can be identified.

Business Lines

Currently, we have 4 lines of business.

Premium Line

This line is intended for all crypto-enthusiasts.
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This line has been designed for people who value art.
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Created to provide people with the best complement to their outfits.
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Maquilado Line

It is our service for brands that appreciate quality standards.
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This line is designed for everyone crypto-enthusiasts who in their day to day they want to dress in a disruptive and original.

Our commercial line of crypto garments include:

- Shirts.
- Divers.
- Caps.
- Socks.

Exclusive LINE
This line has been designed for people who value art and want unique and unrepeatable garments, just like the NFT (garments 100% hand painted by our crypto artist Lau Quijano).
Our custom line of handmade crypto garments includes:

1 –

2 – Tennis

Souvenirs LINE
This line was created to provide people with the best complement for their outfits, we have the following accessories:

1 – Case for cell phone.
2 – Key rings.
3 – Agendas.
4 – Handles.
5 – Bitcoin perfume.

LÍNEA de Maquilado
Es nuestro servicio para las marcas que aprecian los estándares de calidad y requieren una producción a gran escala de Merchandising.

1 – Gorras.
2 – Camisetas.
3 – Camisas.
4 – Buzos.



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