None of us is as good as all of us put together.

Corporate TEAM

Daniel Aguilar Chief Executive Officer Under his motto: "if you want to be an entrepreneur you have to ardently desire a change in the world". In the past 2021 he presented the MIND WORLD brand, the result of years of work and research with more than 50 entrepreneurs in Latin America, to offer financial solutions, promote the economy and normalize the use of crypto in society.

CEO & Founder



Lover of nature, extreme sports and of carrying out projects of different indoles. Entrepreneur since he was 16 years old, austere and eager to learn about new cultures and places whenever he has the opportunity. He has never attended a job interview or submitted a resume.


Directors Team

Blockchain Director He carries in his mentality "if no one else does it then I will have to do it" In our team he is the person responsible for the development of Smart Contracts within MIND Exosystem.

BlockChain Director

Chief finance oficcer Charismatic entrepreneurial leader; experienced manager with a focus on joint purpose and results. With corporate negotiation skills and techniques in handling situations and conflicts.


Passionate about the world of cryptocurrencies for 5 years. Expert in the NFT-Metaverse and Presales segment. Now leading the development of MIND Colletion NFT.

Developer NFT Advisor

He is the person specialized in creating architectures and structures dedicated to physical and digital environments within MINDVERSE and MIND FRANCHISES.

Metaverse Director

NFTArtist Product Designer Ready for every challenge. With 5 years of experience in branding and digital design. Today as Crypto Artist and Creator of the MIND Collection NFT.

Marketing Director

Marketing and Business Strategies Consultant. Co-founder of Blockchain El Salvador and Cryptocurrency Investor Now Consultant at Mind Ecosystem.

Presentative Sales South And Central America

Coordinators Team

 Educational consultant and crypto investor since 2016, passionate about sharing information with people. He is an important pillar to help our community grow through education.

Academy Director

Crypto Artist NFT. Expert in community building and leadership within Discord. Always supporting art with digital community building and brand recognition. She is our communication channel in front of our community.

Community Director

Mindverse Team

I am Marian Piedrahita, university student and current developer of MINDVERSE for the area of 3d modeling and video editing. I stand out for my teamwork within the group and my willingness to take on new projects at the audiovisual level.


I'm Alejandro Moreno, student of digital entertainment design engineering at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, I'm in charge of the optimization and 3D modeling of MindVerse.


My name is Sofia Oyola and I am part of the 3D character modeling team at Mindverse, I handle new challenges and teamwork very well.


Nestor Cano: I am an engineering student in digital entertainment design at UPB and I am currently the programmer of MINDVERSE, taking this project to the next level of connection.


Developer Team

As a professional I love everything related to technology, and I consider that I can contribute efficiently in technological developments with a great motivation, I will adapt to any circumstance and I will always give the best of me, at the same time I will promote my ethical principles to work in a team.

Main Developer

Systems engineer with 3 and a half years of experience in software development, I consider myself a proactive person, investigative, fast learner and good disposition for knowledge, always thinking about the continuous improvement of my skills.


Franchise Team

With a degree in Human Resources Management, experience in Cooking and Barismo is our backbone to have a good coffee at any time.